Cultivating design and structure

To say that I have learned much this week about the formatting, design, layout and presentation tactics for both academic and marketing portfolios would be an understatement. I believe the  amount of information related to Web 2.0 technologies is indeed “vast”.

This week, not only did I “play” around (to quote another classmate) with web design tools, digital archives, templates and e-portfolio platforms, I began an assessment of the ideal placement for both the professional and academic portfolios.

I am pleased with the ease of access to Google Drive and have been able to successfully upload much of my material. I have also begun some preparation with the voice/video reflection which will be added later in the course.

I have two sites that will serve to host the portfolios separately. While the academic blog is the platform to communicate our course outcomes and reflections (and so contains links to both portfolios), full details will not be showcased on it alone. I have been giving considerable thought to the contents of the marketing portfolio and how I wish it to be viewed. It needs a level of authenticity and professionalism that goes beyond the limitations associated with an academic site. Therefore I decided to include it on my marketing site. The idea is to present my best professional work within the business context of how it relates to plain language, grammar and active voice. The marketing portfolio isn’t uploaded yet but the placeholder is there on the writers page. This site is no where near complete, but it is providing me the framework for further development as I ponder how it may best promote my achievements and aspirations.

My academic e-portfolio is housed on google sites and I found that platform most conducive to an academic format. It gives the author the freedom to choose an ideal theme or the option to create a custom one. Also I was able to add some of my research (the grammar survey) as well as a poll. The google sites platform was easy to navigate and I had the portfolio up and running within a couple of hours. This site will contain my reflective letters, video comments and links to books and resources. There’s an option for visitors to subscribe to site changes or follow it I they wish.

What was most challenging this past week was to acknowledge that my drive for perfection may not be attainable as quickly or easily as I’d like. I admire the theory behind this course as it compels us to organize our material and present it a digestible yet insightful format. I have a vision for how I want to showcase my writing talents, skills and academic achievements but I know to work diligently with a methodical and reasoned approach will likely yield the results I’m looking for with less frustration. Sometimes I found the web tools tedious and difficult to navigate. But I stepped back, sought help at my local library (there’s a young IT student who works on the weekends who was happy to offer his guidance) and I realized each accomplishment was getting me closer to my goals.

I’m looking forward to seeing how I can continue to craft expressive and vibrant portfolios as we progress in the course but even more than that, how to derive insight from my classmates.

Here’s to an overwhelming but satisfying week!

4 Comments on “Cultivating design and structure

  1. Hi Colleen,

    You provided much insight in this weeks blog! I like your academic portfolio thus far, especially the personal tidbits you added. I chose to house my portfolios on Homestead. I have used them for over ten years and I am happy with their service and design capabilities. I played with the other options quite a bit and although I am most comfortable with the familiarity of Homestead, what I am learning has added new dimensions to what I can do within it!



    • Hi Lisa: What is Homestead? I’m not familiar with that service. I would be interested in seeing more. Glad to see you’ve found a platform that meets your needs.


    • To be honest, I was initially anxious about the design and format when I began to create this site. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out and whether or not I was going to be pleased with the outcome. What I’ve decided is to let my creative energies steer themselves toward a final vision. To answer your question, I’m not sure what I plan for this site but since it’s been up and running I’ve expanded my reader and have found some other grammar gurus that I’m anxious to connect with.


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