Fertilizing the garden

The fruits of my labour are beginning to blossom. I’ve been working diligently to produce portfolios that offer a stimulating and honest reflection of who I am as writer, and what compels me. I’m pleased with what I’ve accomplished so far but I think I may have become obsessed.

My son made the fatal error of interrupting me to ask if I’d fed the horses and I said I had already taken care of them an hour ago. He said, “Mom I don’t mean to nag, but that was six hours ago and I think they’re hungry!”

Not only that, I’ve started talking to myself. In the midst of trying to upload a few piece to my professional portfolio, I resized the home page and the layout compressed all my content into the size of a thumbnail. I muttered, “Well now that can’t be good,” and started moaning. My son thinks I’m going over the deep end. He’s wrong. I’ve already jumped.

Okay, so I’m coming up for air and I’m certain it’s time to take a breath. As a writer, the joy I derive from a thoughtful and articulate narrative is immense. That’s what matters. I have a vision for the path down which I wish to lead my readers. But it’s more than the just the journey. I’ve taken a second look at many pieces in my portfolio and I realize there’s a consistent theme. Much of what I write is business focused. And while I’ve always been intent on injecting creativity into my work, I yearn for the opportunity to draft more material that depicts rich imagery and enticing plots. The next step I take will be one toward a creative writing project that is just for me. Stay tuned.

One Comment on “Fertilizing the garden

  1. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one talking to myself, Colleen! You’re doing so well, and I’m excited to see where your path leads. I, too, have noticed some patterns and subsequent holes in my work, but as you point out, that only opens new doors. The revelations just keep coming…


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