Dormancy is an illusion

The wind is howling outside; the air is so crisp it bites me as I make the daily trek out to the barn. I gasp for breath, fighting the assault that comes with the frigid air. I’m bundled up with three layers of clothing, thermal gloves, woolen socks and my winter riding boots.

I worry about the horses but despite their frost-laden whiskers, they seem in good spirits. They’re anxious to get outside where they’ll surely roll in the snow and make leaping bounds through the drifts.

horses in snowIt’s amazing how resilient creatures are to survive such   harsh conditions but to also grow and evolve despite adversity. Beneath the snow, timothy and alfalfa grasses lay dormant and wildflower seeds await the warmth of a spring melt and the roots of another glorious summer. Dormancy is an illusion. The snow’s protective blanket masks the wondrous possibilities below.summer

Like the seasons, I’m going through a change. I’m consumed with the evolution of my work. Even though it seems as though I’m buried in endless contemplation, there’s more going on than meets the eye. I’ve realized you have to dig deeper to unearth the treasure you’re seeking.

It’s been quite an excavation and one that I was tempted to abandon more than a few times. I immersed myself into a exploration of presentation platforms, photo selections and animation design.

I wanted to include an early sample of my radio broadcast work in the digital narrative but most of the audio files were incompatible for conversion. I chose a selection from the very beginning of my career. The next challenge was to embed it in my PowerPoint (which proved unsuccessful.) I managed to upload it to Brainshark in an mp3 format. The audio levels appear to fluctuate, the transitions need refinement and I think there’s an opportunity to tighten up the copy.

I’ve been working behind the scenes to nurture this digital narrative with a hope that once it comes to light, the vision it offers will stimulate reflection.

The sun itself sees not till heaven clears. ~Shakespeare

One Comment on “Dormancy is an illusion

  1. Hi Colleen,

    I felt like I was following you out to the barn and yearned to see the horses roll in snow! Though I can’t say I miss the layers of clothes and gloves and socks! This is such a wonderful posting, especially how you tied it into writing! Thank you for an enjoyable read!


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