The pipes are bursting…

For the record – minus 30C is too cold, even for my standards. You know it’s bad when you need to wear three pairs of socks to bed, the dog’s tongue is stuck to his food dish, and the highlight of the week is the purchase of a new balaclava. And it gets worse. What started as a laundry room flood, turned into a wall of ice. The pipes are bursting…

Two plumbers, three metres of electrical heat tape and four blow torches later, I’m back in business. All it took was some ingenuity and perseverance.

Do you ever feel the same way about your writing? It’s as though you have a tremendous amount to convey, the words are overflowing, and it’s imperative to get ideas down on paper before the creative energy bursts? Often I will become so immersed in the act of writing, once it’s finished I wonder, “Did I just craft all this? Where did it come from?” I call it the writer zone. You absorb yourself in the enthralling environment of words, imagery and ideas. Physical boundaries fade away and you’re oblivious to everything but the thoughts in your head.

That’s what it was like for me this week. I’ve been focused on the final consummation of my thesis. I’ve been editing my digital narrative and working to refine my portfolios. I must admit, it felt as though I was churning out ideas faster than I could articulate. The end must be near because I’ve stopped muttering.

I’ve graduated to sporadic periods of reflection. I find myself wondering, pondering, contemplating the future. What’s next? Does it have to be over? I have more to say. Where shall I focus my energy? The writing will continue, that much is certain. My creative non-fiction piece is being published in a historical Donnelly anthology and my thesis will be showcased on two provincial education platforms, but there has to be more. For now, I will be content to keep writing, to let the ideas flow, and see where they lead me. If the pipes burst, I will patch them up and keep going. The leaks – they are inevitable, they show us the flaws so we know how to improve.


One Comment on “The pipes are bursting…

  1. Hi Colleen,

    Congratulations on all your accomplishments! It is wonderful to hear that your pieces are being published! Your thesis is a masterpiece!

    We are coming to a bittersweet ending. It is wonderful to be graduating, but like you I want to write more and I want share with our classmates. We learn so much from the professors and each other. I see growth in all of us.

    We have been given the fuel for the our cars, now we just need to keep pressing the little pedal on the right!



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