I heard whispers of a new beginning

New ideas, crafty notions and lofty aspirations come to us in mysterious ways. Sometimes we attribute revelations to a brief moment of clarity. Others arrive when our senses are working in the perfect state of harmony. But maybe the kind of inspiration that floats in on a breeze of stark reality, is simply random.  That’s how it came to me. Or that’s how I perceived it.

As I witness the change in seasons, the harsh promise of a cold winter makes itself known. I’m overwhelmed by a sudden heavy sadness. Grasses lay withered at my feet and the hint of what was once a bed of fragrant honeysuckle is ravaged by the autumn decay. Time has a way of passing no matter how hard I try to savour and slow each sensory moment.

Instead of lamenting the inevitable, I’ve decided to embrace it. Take a walk with me as I capture the subtle beauty of a road less travelled. It’s the story of Leon and me and how he carried me home. I once believed I saved my equine companion from a harsh existence. But the reality is, he saved me and began his rescue the first day we met.

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