About the Word Grower


Hi there! My name is Colleen. My passion for the written word is part of a tale that meanders through fields of vocabulary, rows of ideas and countless rays of rhetorical illumination. For me, grammar is the elegant proof that I’m on the right path toward articulation and eloquence.  It defines my character, my aspirations and my career.

I work as a Marketing Communications Manager for a global tech company and in my spare time I’m devoted to my beloved equine companions. I live on a farm in rural Ontario along with my cherished husband and son. We grow hay for the horses, harvest honeycrisp apples from our orchard and reap the rewards from our labour in the contentment of a wholesome environment.

As an accomplished writer and copyeditor, I take pride in offering the highest standard in communication service. I studied journalism at Carleton University in Ottawa and spent over ten years as a radio news broadcaster, journalist and communications consultant. My competencies include success in the design and execution of communication strategies, project management, acknowledging multiple stakeholder interests, identifying target audiences, developing print and electronic marketing materials and adapting messages to deliver copy that sells.

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