About the Word Grower

Grammar is the elegant proof that I’m on the right path toward articulation and eloquence.


Colleen’s passion for the written word is part of a tale that meanders through fields of vocabulary, rows of ideas, and countless rays of rhetorical illumination. For her, grammar is elegant proof that she’s on the right path toward articulation and eloquence.  It defines her character, aspirations, and career.

Colleen Malcolm is a Senior Editor at a niche marketing agency. She oversees, manages, and coordinates communications output for investment communications material. By setting processes and editorial standards, Colleen elevates production outcomes and promotes consistency for client deliverables through strict adherence to editing principles.

Before joining the financial agency, Colleen worked as a Marketing Communications Manager at ZTR, a global technology company, and as a Senior Communications Consultant at Sun Life Financial. As an accomplished copyeditor and writer, she takes pride in offering the highest communication service standards. After studying journalism at Carleton University in Ottawa, Colleen spent several years as a radio news broadcaster, journalist, and freelance editor.

In her spare time, Colleen devotes her attention to her beloved equine companions on a farm in rural Ontario where along with her son, she offers fresh eggs, rides horses, cultivates gardens, and harvests lavender.

Colleen holds a B.A. from Carleton University and an M.A. in Professional Writing from New England College. As a committed Rotarian and member of Editors Canada, she dedicates her free time to advocating for the advancement of student literacy and improving English language educational curriculum standards.

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